Vivian Okiche, an upwardly mobile driven,
vivacious and relentless goal getter is the
CEO of GrayGold Investment Limited,
a real estate consulting firm based
in Lagos Nigeria.


It was a day like any other. All that was on her mind was to sell the insurance plan and return to the office with the client’s cheque. Turns out he had other plans. By the time she returned, her dignity had been shred and her efforts wasted.

This is Vivian’s story and the story of many sales professionals, especially the newbies. Navigating the world of sales on one’s own without becoming victim to ploys and wiles of those with evil intentions is akin to swimming with sharks, hoping to come out unscathed. It is nearly impossible.

Pink Marketing highlights in detail how young professionals, especially ladies can meet outrageous sales targets without compromising their integrity, losing their dignity or becoming a prey. From tips on how to discover your area of passion to fashion tips to career growth advice, award-winning salesperson – Vivian Okiche – shows you how to start, build and flourish in sales.